JP bw Wood (focus)

Jean Paul "JP" Perez

With nearly three decades of construction experience in South Florida, JP oversees Origin’s structural, ground-up and shell construction division from the planning and pre-construction phase to completion. His ability to breakdown plans and foresee potential conflicts early in the phase of planning or construction plays a key role in budget projection and project success.

JP is a State of Florida Licensed Building Contractor, Building Plans Examiner and Standard Building Inspector. In 2012, JP joined Amicon as a Director of New Construction. During his time with Amicon, JP worked closely with the design team while also mentoring Amicon’s up and coming team members. Early in his career, JP owned and operated his own shell construction company of which he was one of the industry’s trusted subcontractors. JP is certified with the International Code Council (ICC) in the categories of Commercial Building Inspector since 2010 and Building Plans Examiner since 2012.

When he’s not working (a rare sighting), JP enjoys the comforts of home and family. He resides in West Kendall with his wife of 28 years, Gloria, and their two sons.