Miu Miu 11

3 Reasons the Design District’s Heating Up

The Design District is a major epicenter for retailers in Miami, whether they’re updating existing space or new to the market. Amicon Construction CEO Adam Mopsick tells us why.

1. Retailers Are Building New

What makes the Miami Design District master plan such an ambitious undertaking is that so many of the top fashion retailers are constructing new stores in an urban environment simultaneously, Adam explains. By the end of next year, the district is expected to include over 120 luxury stores, some of which will represent the first of their brand in Miami.

2. The New Retailers Will Invent a Distinct New Place

The result of the influx of new and unique retailers, Adam says, will be a streetscape and a retail environment “on par with some of the world’s top cities, and a stark contrast to a typical interior shopping mall.” Amicon specializes in upscale retail design, and has completed a number of these new stores in the Design District, including Chrome Hearts, Jason of Beverly Hills, and Miu Miu, which is part the Prada Group. It’s currently working on the Brown Jordan showroom.

3. Each Retailer Will Still Retain a Unique Look

In the district, what sets these retailers apart are their façades, with each brand challenged to be more impressive than its neighbor, Adam says. “The most complicated part of the Miu Miu project (pictured) was a new structural steel and custom curtain wall glass system,” he explains. “To meet Prada’s demanding schedule, the curtain wall system was pre-ordered. Miu Miu’s custom-designed façade uses dramatic lighting to create a layering effect over the resin curtain system, resulting in one of the most spectacular storefronts in the District.”